Young Singer of Mann 2022

The Competition is open to all young singers living on the Isle of Man, who are between the ages of 7 and 18, on or before 16th January 2022. Starting this year, competitors will be divided into Junior (7-12yrs) and Senior (13-18yrs) classes. Equal titles and prize money will be awarded in both classes.

The First Stages are at 2pm (juniors) and 7.30pm (seniors) on Sunday 16th January, at which eight singers from each class will be selected for the Final. The Final will be at 2pm (juniors) and 7.30pm (seniors) on Sunday 23rd January.

A cash prize of £150 and the ‘Young Singer of Mann’ award (held until the next competition) will be presented to the winners, along with a glass trophy presented by the Isle of Man Arts Council. There will be only one winner per class; the prize will not be shared.

Second prize will be £100. Certificates will be presented to all the Finalists. Other prizes may also be made available on the day.

2022 Adjudicators: Fenella Bazin, John Bethell (Chairman), Jane Corkill, Wendy McDowell.

The official accompanist for the First and Final Stages will be Madeline Kelly.

You may also provide your own accompanist if you wish.

FIRST STAGE: A draw will take place prior to the first stage to determine the order in which the competitors will perform: Competitors will be notified of the order when they arrive at the venue. Each singer will perform two contrasting songs of their own choice, with a piano accompaniment. All styles are welcome! We ask that you don’t exceed 10 minutes, please.

FINAL: Each of the Finalists will perform two contrasting songs of their own choice, (not to exceed 10 minutes) with a piano accompaniment. They will then perform an additional song unaccompanied.

REGULATIONS: Competitors MUST sing from memory.

Competitors are asked to provide an original purchased copy of their music for use by the adjudicators. This is in addition to a copy required for the accompanist, which should be sent in with the application form, if performing with Madeline. A copy for the adjudicators will only be required on the day and both copies will be returned. Please ensure that song copies are clearly marked with the Competitor’s name. Each competitor’s programme must contain two items with piano accompaniment.

The adjudicators will be looking for the following qualities from competitors:

MUSICALITY: Musical sensitivity and expressive power plus the ability to interpret a song with an appropriate sense of style.

PERFORMANCE: The way in which the competitor communicates their performance – how they stand, sit or interact with the audience.