Hire Terms & Conditions

Please Note: The Erin Arts Centre Is A No Smoking Building

No Naked Flame Is Permitted Within The Building

Pricing of Facilities Required

Isle of Man Bank Auditorium
(4 Hours)
 Auditorium + PA and Engineer£350
This includes:Microphones,
Artist Dressing Rooms,
Steinway Piano
Artist Dressing Rooms:No Charge
Sound Equipment:No Charge
Stage Lighting:No Charge
Audio Visual Equipment:No Charge
Microphones:No Charge
Interval Light Refreshments:By the Erin Arts Centre
Harry’s Bar£50
Sir James Mellon Gallery:£50


Hire charges for commercial users are by negotiation. The above charges may not be applicable, in this case please contact the EAC Office for hire charges.

For events including published live or recorded songs and music, a fee is payable to the Performing Rights Society. This is calculated at 4% (for popular music) of the gross takings for ticket sales and will be charged to the hirer on receipt.

In the event of Sound, Lighting and/or Audio Visual equipment being required, the hire fee includes an in-house Engineer. It is essential that a detailed technical specification is submitted with this booking request.

Should you require further detailed information about sound and lighting facilities at the Centre before making your booking, please contact the EAC Office.

Additional fees

Tickets for auditorium seating£22 per book (approx.)
Box Office Commission10% ticket sales
Programme Sales Commission10% programme sales (NIL if free)
Exhibition Gallery Commission12.5% of sale(s)
Rehearsals£18 per hour
CD & Book Sales Commission10% sales
Mailings to EAC of members list£75

Use of Centre

Bookings of facilities must be confirmed at least 4 weeks in advance. It must not be assumed that the facilities are available until an official confirmation form has been received.

No sub-letting is permitted. The hirer’s use of the premises will be regarded as an acceptance of these conditions. A deposit of 25% of the costs of hire (cheques payable to Erin Arts Centre) is payable in advance as confirmation.

Cancellation of the booking will only be accepted provided it is received at least 2 weeks prior to the event. The deposit paid is non-refundable.

If cheques for tickets have to be returned after payment, then an administration charge will also have to be levied. It is possible to insure against the charges due to the Erin Arts Centre in the event of cancellation.

Cancellation insurance is the Promoters responsibility.

If an event is cancelled it is the responsibility of the Promoter to inform the Press/Media and all other relevant organisations.



All leaflets, posters, programmes and advertisements should carry the following:

  • The Erin Arts Centre logo (a logo will be emailed to the Promoter) and the day, date, time and year of event in a prominent position on the front or front cover. In addition, for all events taking place in the gallery, use the title ‘Sir James Mellon Gallery’ and give appropriate acknowledgement in all press releases
  • Erin Arts Centre, Victoria Square, Port Erin, Isle of Man, IM9 6LD
  • Erin Arts Centre. Registered Charity No. 236A
  • The name of the organisation responsible for the promotion and management of the event

Social Media

When posting an event on social media please ensure that you include the following: Erin Arts Centre. Registered Charity No. 236A

Erin Arts Centre Publicity / Tickets


The Centre publishes an agenda, which ranges from monthly to bi-monthly. Provided that a copy of advertisement is received by the copy date, there is no additional charge for inclusion.

Events are also included on our website www.erinartscentre.com and www.facebook.com/erinartscentre


If you would like the EAC to handle ticketing, we will sell tickets at the Box Office and online at Ticketsource.co.uk/erinartscentre – A handling charge of 10% per ticket will be applied.

The Event

Please organise a suitable time with the office beforehand on when you would like access to the building. Hirers must not move any furniture or equipment without prior consultation with and permission of Erin Arts Centre. Hirers using sets/ scenery/ props etc in the performing area in the Auditorium must comply with Fire Regulations.

There Must Be No Naked Flames Anywhere In The Building.

Any damage caused to the Centre will be deemed the responsibility of the Promoter and will be charged to the account.

Fire Doors

Unless in an emergency, the fire doors in the auditorium must not be opened without permission of the House Manager. The stage lighting must not be switched on when the doors are open.

Hirers shall designate an official as the person responsible. This official shall introduce him/herself to the Erin Arts Centre House Manager at the beginning of the function and shall be responsible for the running of the event. The organiser shall regulate admissions to the Erin Arts Centre and be present for the duration of the event. Hirers shall appoint a person to liaise with the Erin Arts Centre House Manager on duty to ensure that they are familiar with procedures in the event of an emergency. All exits and gangway must be kept clear.

Erin Arts Centre will ensure that all equipment is in good condition. The Erin Arts Centre cannot accept responsibility for any damages to any property belonging to hirers, their helpers, agents or invitees, or in their custody, or for financial loss to hirers as a result of equipment failure.

Hirers are advised that if it is consider that any part of the event, performance or exhibition is likely to contravene any provision of any Law of the Isle of Man or is likely to offend public decency then the hiring will not be accepted. If at any stage of an event the above conditions apply then the House Manager is at liberty to cancel the event immediately and clear the area hired, without any liability whatsoever on him or the Erin Arts Centre to reimburse any monies paid by the hirer to any person. Any equipment and/ or objects that are brought into the Centre by the hirer will be insured by the hirer against damage and theft.

Erin Arts Centre will provide front of house support unless otherwise informed. If using your own qualified Lighting and Sound, please notify us when booking.

Hires shall ensure that the conditions of any licence issued for the function are carried out. The hirer is responsible for any licences / payments required to conform to the regulations of the Performing Rights Society Ltd., Phonographic Performance Ltd., and like bodies. (See Insurance)
Last orders at the bar are 10.45pm.

Outside caterers must provide any additional equipment required in addition to that in the Centre’s kitchen. All breakages must be paid for.
As a legal requirement all evening functions must terminate by 11.00pm and the Erin Arts Centre vacated by those attending the function shortly thereafter.

Photography or video is not allowed in the Centre during rehearsals, performances or exhibitions without prior permission.

Receptions are held in Harry’s Bar and/ or the Gallery and should be arranged with the Centre at least one month in advance of the event.


Hirers are responsible for ensuring that all Erin arts Centre property is undamaged and will indemnify the Erin Arts Centre for the full reinstatement or replacement cost – at the valuation of the Erin Arts Centre – of all repairs to and replacement of damaged equipment (including lighting and sound equipment), fixtures and fittings. Adequate insurance cover should be arranged by hirers to cover this eventually.

Erin Arts Centre accepts no liability for any claim arising whatever nature as a result of the hirer’s use of the Centre from any person present in any capacity at any function / event/ show in the Centre not promoted by the Erin Arts Centre. Accordingly, adequate public liability cover and / or show risks will also be arranged by hirers, in their name, to indemnify Erin Arts Centre and any officer or servant thereof in respect of any liability they may incur to third parties arising out of the hirer’s promotion, conduct and management of the function / event / show.

Performing Rights Society

The Erin Arts Centre is registered with the PRS which is an Association of Composers, Songwriters and Music Publishers of musical works established in 1914 to administer on behalf of its members certain of the rights granted to them under copyright legislation. The Erin Arts Centre, like all those who promote any public performance of copyright music, holds a licence and regardless of the nature of the entertainment at which a performance in copyright is included, PRS applies, irrespective of whether or not a change for admission is made.

Royalties are paid to the PRS each quarter and are calculated by them under a series of carefully devised tariffs. The net royalties are then distributed to its members.

Note: If copyright music is performed in public in whatever premises and by any means you need a licence and if you do not have one you are infringing someone’s legal rights and could become liable to pay damages as well as to be inducted by a Court. Composers and Songwriters and their dependants rely largely on their public performances’ royalties for their living.
The Hirer is liable for this cost (if applicable) and once we know the exact amount, which will be after the event, we will invoice you for payment. You will be asked to agree to this part of the Hire Agreement.

Thanks for your support!