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Detail from 'Viking'

The Erin Arts Centre Mission

By supporting a registered charity we are dedicated to sustaining an environment where the process of creating and performing the arts, in their many diverse forms, is valued, and thus benefits our Island community.

The Erin Arts Centre Vision

The Erin Arts Centre is one of the leading arts centres in the British Isles. Known for its groundbreaking music and opera festivals and its international competitions for the double bass, viola and oboe, the Erin Arts Centre serves as a prestigious venue for artists and a model for arts centres across the country. These events have and continue to attract artists and participants of the highest stature.

The Erin Arts Centre remains notable for its commitment to artists and serves as a crucible for artistic exploration and audience development. The Erin Arts Centre's activities are supported by an active and involved corps of members, audience supporters and volunteers.

Photograph: 'Viking' by Michael Sandle. Commissioned by the Isle of Man Arts Council in November 1997, this striking figure overlooks the entrance to the Erin Arts Centre.


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Isle of Man Arts Council
Member of the British Arts Festivals Association

Erin Arts Centre

President: Raymond Leppard CBE

Member of BFFS
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Erin Arts Centre
Erin Arts Centre
Erin Arts Centre